Anatomical Heart (Paraffin) Red


Anatomical Heart (Paraffin) ~ Red


Dragons blood scented

Finally back in stock! Our handmade anatomical heart candle is designed from a mold that we created in 2013. The base of the candle is meant to look like a puddle of blood that allows it to stand up right. 
If you are interested in a custom Heart Candle in a different color/scent, send us a convo and we'll create it! 

For every heart candle sold a portion of the sales up to $5.00 will be donated to the American Heart Association!

These are made with 100% high grade paraffin wax blend, cotton core wicks, and fragrance oils. 
The height of candle is around 6"

Note: Each heart candle is made to order, so the one pictured is not the one you will receive.

These candles are slow burning and create a fabulous effect when the wax overflows!

Due to the nature of these melting candles, a shallow bowl or deep plate is required when burning! Seller assumes no responsibility for the improper usage of any candle.

As always we promote candle safety by urging customers to only burn any candle 3 hours at a time!