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Black Skull Candle


Black Skull Candle Large * unscented

Locally Made by 9 Design Emporium /Almont

Each candle is made with over 2 lbs. of wax and will burn for over 80 hours.

This candle will need a wide bowl or large plate to sit in if being burned as it will eventually melt and pool out around the surrounding candle. Important Note: Not all of the wax is designed to completely melt so, there will be a shell remaining.

Since Blackbeard was believed to have gone down with his ship, possessing his skull will give the holder the power over his ship.

This skull shaped candle is infused with our own black leather fragrance, poured into our own sculpted molds using high quality paraffin wax and cotton core wick, it is an eye catcher for any room.