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  • Candle Snuffer


    Candle Snuffer designed locally Ragnars Forgge - Almont

    3 sizes select your style

    Single Leaf Double Twist Candle Snuffer #1 $50.00-Hand forged, made of wrought iron, this candle snuffer has a polished natural patina finish (not painted). At 15 inches long with a double twist and a single leaf design, this is not only functional but also very decorative.

    Single Twist Vine Leaf Candle Snuffer #2 $45.00-Hand Forged, made of wrought iron, at 15 inches long with a polished natural patina finish, it has a larger bell with a single twist finished off with a vine leaf design at the end.This snuffer will stand the test of time to pass down to future generations that is not only very functional but also a very beautiful work of art.

     Double Twist Candle Snuffer #3 $40.00-Hand forged of wrought iron, painted with a high temperature porcelain paint and a protective gloss finish, this decorative yet functional snuffer will stand the test of time to be handed down to future generations. It is 15 inches in length from the bell to the end of the handle.