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    Candles By Delightfully Scented Candles & More UPGRADE with fresh flowers on top *Fees will apply

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     8 oz candles in mason jam jars * heavy glass jars beautifully decorated 

    What Makes Soy Candles Different from Paraffin Candles and Candles?
    Each candle is hand poured using only top quality fragrance oils and Heinz coreless wicks.  

    Paraffin Candles have over 12 toxins in them, as for Soy Candles they have no toxins, burns clean, burns evenly, burns, slowly and last longer then a paraffin candle.  Also, Soy gives off a great scent throw, lit or unlit.  
    our candles are made with 100% Soy Wax and Heinz core-less wicks.  All candles burn over 20 hours, burning evenly and leaving a wonderful scent behind


    No Timed Deliveries DURING HOLIDAYS