Flower Shortages Substitutes,Delivery , Our Personal Guarantee

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Flower Shortages Substitutes,Delivery , Our Personal Guarantee 

The health and safety of our customers, florists and growers is top priority.  we will not require a signature for delivery. All orders will be left at the front door with no contact and (as always) ready to delight. we will contact the recipient weather permitting , contact numbers are important for us to have .we offer safe curb service for in store pick up , just let us know .

Why is there a floral shortage?

COVID-19: Due to COVID-19, the increase in floral demand has now extended past the current supply of flowers by the farmers. 

Weather: Growers are now experiencing poor growing conditions in the South American regions, as well as a lack of sunlight in the North American regions. 

Transportation: Flowers being imported are now lacking passenger planes to carry them, with shipping being at an all time high. 

International Holidays: With Europe celebrating Mother's Day on March 8th, the product availability has become scarce. 

So, what can you do?

Support Local Business: Whether you are ordering flowers or not, supporting your local businesses keeps businesses like us open and running, especially with COVID-19 hurting so many small businesses.

Order Early:ordering early for big holidays allows us to have record of what we need so that we can prepare effectively given the current shortage.

Be Flexible: In the event that we have to substitute flowers in an arrangement, we will provide a comparable substitute of equal value that will still reflect the color scheme.

Be Understanding: We want to provide the highest quality of flowers as well as a wonderful experience! Part of that includes being fully transparent about the current flower shortage so that our customers understand in the event a substitution needs to be made. 

Thank you for your continual support to our shop 

Lisa and the staff at Mandy J