• Lavender Oil 100% Pure Undiluted "Lavendin"


    Lavender Oil 100% Pure Undiluted "Lavendin"

    Indigo Lavender Farms- Imlay City

    Materials 0.3 oz 10ml

    oil, lavender, floral, scented

    100% Pure, undiluted Lavender Oil made from Lavendula x Hybrida "Grosso." Add 4-5 drops in your diffuser, in your tub, or in your shower and endulge in the luxuriously calming effects of lavender! May be used as a culinary addition to your spices. Caution should be taken when using. Direct topical use should be done sparingly - allergic reactions may occur. Contains camphor. Seller makes no claim regarding any health benefits.


    {Our lavender essential oils are 100% natural}
    We are committed to using only the most natural ingredients with as much as possible produced from our own farm. Our lavender essential oil is handmade in small batches. It contains no artificial colors, synthetic flavor oils, chemical sweeteners, preservatives, or petroleum products.