• Lavender Tea


    Dried fruits and  Flowers, Dried Lavender

    Dried lavender and dried chamomile flowers - heavenly! Lavender and chamomile or Lavender and Blueberry Herbal bagged or loose tea. What could be more relaxing? Steep well - between 3 and 5 minutes - for a calming cuppa'. 1/3 oz loose or 5 bags per order. •••••••••• {Our teas are 100% natural} We are committed to using only the most natural ingredients in our teas, with as much as possible produced from our own farm. Our teas are handmade in small batches and formulated using organic chamomile flowers from reputable producers and the dried lavender buds come from our own farm. Our teas contain no artificial colors, synthetic flavor oils, chemical sweeteners, preservatives, or petroleum products.