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Mandy J Florist Wedding quote


non refundable deposit call me or text me at 586-201-0152 before you book if your not sure if you want a cost I can do just your personals.  
 I will contact you for details if I can accommodate your date $50.00  
If you decide to book with Mandy J Florist I require a 20 % down deposit, this will go toward *your balance , I will send you a full contract, with details to review and sign, this is a non refundable deposit,
please check with us prior to Requesting a quote to see if your date Is available,
Mandy J will not service weddings during major holidays or certain weekends.
But we may accommodate pick ups.
Flowers are a big part of wedding celebrations, and many times brides aren't sure of what type of flowers are needed for their wedding.
We have put together a general bridal quote of flowers and arrangements that might be needed for your big day.  is not meant to be all-inclusive; it is meant as a guideline only.  Depending on your wedding budget and style of wedding you are having, you may need only a few items on this list or a vast majority.
We look forward to helping you create the perfect wedding !



 Lisa Kniesteadt-Owner of Mandy J Florist