• Medium Plague Skull Candle Paraffin 9 DESIGNS EMPORIUM


    2 colors white with red inside dragons blood scent and black mother night scent 

    Medium Plague Skull Candle ~ Paraffin Medium Size Bleeding Skull Candle Made from our own sculpted molds has an eerie white shell and filled with a blood red color, scented with dragon's blood and a natural cotton core wick Since Blackbeard was believed to have gone down with his ship, possessing his skull will give the holder the power over his ship.

    This skull shaped candle is infused with our  mother night fragrance, poured into our own sculpted molds using high quality paraffin wax and cotton core wick, it is an eye catcher for any room.

    Just one in our pirate candle collection.

    Materials: Paraffin Wax,Fragrance Oil,Cotton Wick,Dye Chip
    Materials: paraffin wax,liquid dye,cotton core wick


    (Please observe candle safety and burn only up to 3 hours at a time on a candle