• St Patricks Day Lucky Shamrock Plant


    As shown Foiled and bowed 

    Can be  Designed in a 5 inch basket upgrade fees will apply * butterfly and ting added 

    the plants marketed for this holiday are actually species of Oxalis, also known as wood sorrels, that have clover-shaped leaves. Most oxalis have leaves with 3 or 4 leaflets, but some have up to 9 divisions. The leaves come in shades of green, red, or purple, and some are patterned. The leaflets of many of these species are nyctinstic, meaning the leaflets fold up at night or on overcast days. The five-petaled flowers are borne on long stalks. Different species have white, yellow, pink or red flowers. They are unrelated to clovers even though the leaves may look closed 

    When selecting oxalis plants for a seasonal decoration, choose those with lush, healthy foliage and lots of new flower buds