Wedding Packages By Mandy J Florist

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As you begin planning your wedding flowers with us, we can offer you a few packages that can help you stay on  your budget we can upgrade and  add on extras to any package.

PACKAGE A- 1 bride, 1 groom 1 corsage, 1 maid of honor,  1other boutonniere- $199.00

PACKAGE B- 1 bride, 1 groom,2 corsages,2 bridesmaid's, 2 other boutonnieres-$299.99

PACKAGE C- 1 bride, 1 groom, 4 corsages,4 bridemaids,4 other boutonnieres-$529.99

We will contact you on your color theme  and style choice once your wedding has been booked we will send your a contract with details and pictures for you to review and sign . Your wedding is non refundable once you place your order.